Below are the services offered by Think Smart Dog Training. Please contact me at or at 720-514-9356 so we can chat about your specific needs.

  • Private One-on-One, In-Home Training
    I come to you! All sessions take place at the client’s home. I currently offer services in Boulder, CO.

  • Think Smart, Train Positive

    You’ll learn about canine behavior and how dogs learn so you can better understand how to work with your dog using force-free, positive-reinforcement methods.

  • Not Just Dog-Friendly Training, People-Friendly, Too!

    We’ll set realistic goals and come up with a training plan that fit your specific needs and schedule.

Behavior Consultations

Consultations are available for a variety of issues, including but not limited to, fearful behavior, aggressive behavior (towards dogs or humans), barking/lunging on leash, leash pulling, and discomfort with handling procedures. Initial consultations are 90-120 minutes during which we’ll go over your dog’s behavior history and come up with a training plan.
After the session, clients will receive a written report going over what we discussed and what we’ll be doing going forward. Follow-up sessions are scheduled based on the individual client’s needs and ongoing email and phone support is included with the price of the initial consultation.
Initial Consultation (90-120 minutes): $185
Follow-Up Session: (60 minutes): $85

Please contact me with your specific needs and for more information. 

Basic Manners

Basic Manners Training is a fantastic way to bond with your new puppy or adopted adult dog while teaching them essential skills! Teach your dog basic behaviors including Sit, Down, Hand Targeting, Recall (coming when called), Leave It and much, much, more. And guess what? We’ll have fun! You read that right, fun! Though these skills are important, teaching them to your pooch can be done in a way that’s enjoyable for all!

Owners will learn positive-reinforcement skills and develop an understanding of how dogs learn so they can teach new skills, fun tricks, and problem solve throughout the dog’s life. New puppy parent? We'll cover common issues like house training, teething and all those fun things that come with having a little bundle of cuteness. Do you have a new adult dog? You can teach an old dog new tricks! We'll go over skills to help ease them into their new life and go over games and activities that can help grow and nurture a great relationship with your new best friend. 
4 Session Package: $350
A La Carte Option: $100/Session 

Swap Smart Trade-In Program

Promoting positive change for dogs and their people! Swap Smart is a judgment-free program where owners can relinquish their prong, choke, or shock collars in exchange for a behavior consultation at a heavily reduced rate and a 40% discount on a Freedom No-Pull Harness. Before I became a trainer, I believed these tools were necessary for certain dogs and issues. Growing up, my family dog wore a choke chain. Had we known there were other options, I have no doubt we would have opted for them. The fact is, we are able to teach new behaviors and modify unwanted behaviors without the use of these tools and I would be delighted to show you how! Please email me for specifics about this program – you won’t be disappointed!

Community Education Classes

In addition to private-training services, I love collaborating with businesses on community education classes. These classes are designed to be human-only (no need for a space that allows dogs), and cover a wide variety of topics. Some examples of courses I’ve done with businesses in the past are:

  • Interactive Toy Class - Love the idea of providing your pooch with mental stimulation, but overwhelmed by the number of options? Do some toys leave you scratching your head on what exactly to do with them? You’re not alone! I’ll show you some of my favorites and demonstrate different ways to use them.

  • Body Language 101 - Learn the basics of Canine Communication

  • Pre-Pooch Prep - What to expect when you’re expecting…to get a dog!

  • Let’s Walk Gear Talk - Learn about the different types of harnesses, collars, head halters etc, what’s best for what, AND how to properly fit it.

Classes are available to the public or to your business’s employees if you’re looking to give them an extra dose of expertise!