Kerry & Brutus

Jenna was a godsend to my boy Brutus! Brutus was having a hard time adjusting to the bustle of the city and started reacting aggressively to some dogs on our walks. Jenna came over for training and Brutus immediately took to her, even bringing his favorite toy to her. Rather than jumping right into training, Jenna spoke with me for an hour about the factors that could be involved in Brutus’s changed behavior and uncovered factors that I would have never thought of. She then specifically tailored the positive reinforcement training techniques she taught to Brutus’s issues. Besides the training, she suggested several great games to engage Brutus, and she also helped with getting him to slow down when he eats so he’s not finishing a bowl of food in under 20 seconds.  The training has helped immensely, and my walks with Brutus are once again pleasant and positive experiences for both of us. I highly recommend Jenna. She is an absolutely fantastic trainer.


Ryan, Cassie & Desmond

I can do nothing but sing praises about Jenna and her expertise. Not only does she run a professional business that makes even the most anxious of dog parents calm and assured, she gives you the tools to make necessary, positive improvements. My girlfriend and I felt at a loss with the problems we were encountering with our lil' guy, but Jenna provided the training and education we were lacking—simultaneously easing our concerns—and we've made incredible strides in the process. I can confidently say that we wouldn't be at the point we are, without her. Thank you for all that you've done for us, Jenna.


Stephanie & Tibbers

Tibbers and I love Jenna! Working with her is an absolute dream. She is unbelievably patient, caring, kind, and knowledgable about dogs. Unlike other trainers Tibbers and I have worked with, Jenna takes her time talking through your pups fears, and getting to the root cause of the issue. With Tibbers, our main fears were separation anxiety, and stranger danger. Jenna really helped us understand what Tibbers was afraid of, figure out what those triggers really are, then customized training exercises to help with those issues. In just a matter of weeks, Tibbers' fears have really improved. Above all that, Jenna really just wants you to help you build the best, and strongest bond between you and your pup. Thank you SO much, Jenna! 


Melissa, Jesse & Maddie

Jenna is amazing!  My boyfriend and I have a lab puppy who was totally crazy. We have no experience in dog training and were desperate for help. In came Jenna to save us!!  Maddie went from totally nuts to a sweet and much calmer (and potty trained) pooch.  We are so relieved and appreciative of Jenna's expertise!  Not to mention Maddie absolutely loves her. I highly recommend Jenna! She's one the the best dog trainers I've ever seen.


Ryan & Bailey

When I got my first dog Bailey earlier this year I didn't fully intend to train her in any substantive or professional way, nor did I grasp how beneficial it was for her mental stimulation and the bond I have with her. I was somewhat fortunate in that Bailey doesn't have too many "bigger" behavioral problems - she's housebroken, plays very well with other pups, very sweet with people, not an aggressive puller etc.
But then I was introduced to Jenna through a friend, and my eyes were opened wide to the endless possibilities and how truly valuable training is for your pup - no matter what dog you have and their behavioral issues.
Jenna is amazing and very enjoyable to work with. Empathetic, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable...she makes training incredibly fun for both you and your dog - the way I think dog training should be. And even more importantly, she uses positive reinforcement training methods that you feel good about. 
And probably most important of all...Jenna definitely knows what she's talking about! I've already seen vast improvement in Bailey in the short time I've worked with her. I think with the right trainer and guidance anything is possible with your pup, and Jenna is the perfect mix of knowledge and fun.
And for those reasons I plan to continue with Jenna for awhile.


Nicole, Adam & Scout

Jenna was so helpful to me and my puppy. Her style is positive and informative. Jenna has a real passion for helping dogs and their owners, she responded to my many emailed questions between training sessions. We are so lucky to work with her, our life with our puppy has been so much better!


Amanda, Scott & Summer

Not a day goes by with working with our dog that we aren't thankful for Jenna. When we rescued our 9 month pit mix Summer, she was a handful of energy, and we wanted to make sure we started out training her on the right foot. When looking for a trainer, we were given Jenna's information and figured we'd give her a call to set something up. We thought we'd maybe do one or two lessons, maybe 4 max throughout the first month - but it's been 3 months and we're still going strong!
Jenna is teaching us (Summer too, but mostly us) the rewards of positive-based training. Sure, Summer can do some tricks now, but we're more-so pleased with the other elements of her training. Jenna's helping us get into the mind of our pup, to try and figure out what she needs and wants in order to get her to do correct behaviors. We had been trying for weeks to train her to go to her bed - and after Jenna left with some words of advice, it took ten minutes to get Summer to learn it. 
Jenna's not only knowledgeable, she's excited and passionate about animals. She cares about her clients and their pets, and is always a great judge on what needs to be done in our sessions. Sometimes our sessions consist of just sitting and talking and answering our (sometimes stupid!) questions, other times we go out to work on walking and distraction behaviors outside, other times we stay inside to work on house behavioral problems. If we're really struggling with something, she'll make sure  we either end up understanding how to get through to Summer, or she'll give us another way or doing it. Either way, she makes sure we - and Summer, get the job done!


Heather, Eliot & Butter

My fiance and I were noticing some alarming trends with our 18 month old dog, whom was not reacting well to strangers reaching down over him for his face.
Jenna came in showering our dog with treats, ignoring him until he felt comfortable approaching her. After our consultation, we knew that we'd want to continue using her - Butter responded extremely well with her, she was friendly and very caring, but also was a great teacher for us. Jenna helped us find a new dog walker (because our dog stopped responding to the current one we had - he refused to even come out of his crate for the last day).
Jenna has helped us in countless ways, and we just had our first official session with her. We did some outside exercises, and a happy (and tired) dog was the result after an hour. 
We know we have a great trainer, whom pushes positive influence, and we already are seeing improvement and a response from our little guy due to small changes in how we interact with him.


Chris, Emma & Elton, Jules

Jenna absolutely has a gift with dogs.  Our dogs are not the most of welcoming of anybody coming in to our house who isn't me or my wife, but within seconds of coming in and surviving the initial flurry, Elton and Jules were quiet, calm, and ready to work.  And this is before training started.
Jenna has an amazing depth of knowledge about the science of dog training, but she is even better at connecting with dogs.  She has showed us very simple tricks and techniques that worked so quickly, it is amazing we didn't think of them first.  Jenna is very patient and understanding how about how to identify and work on bad habits dogs have picked up.  She is equally patient with us humans, who don't understand how easy it is inadvertently guide your dog into bad habits without realizing it.
Thanks to Jenna, we are already learning new and deepeer ways to connect with our dogs, teach them better habits, and keep increasing their mental stimulation. The best part of the experience is the lessons we learn as dog owners, not just the lessons we can teach our dogs.


Michelle & Zack

Jenna is amazing and a breath of fresh air for Jersey City residents both two and four legged. Her training is science based and positive! I started working with Jenna after owning my dog for 3 years because i was looking for some extra ways my dog and I could bond and that I challenge my retriever mix, who is clearly excited and eager to please and learn! Our first session we worked on "free shaping" exercise and through trial and error with rewards my dog learned to stand on a box and sit, no verbal cues or motions. it was really fun to watch him figure things out. We both had a great time and now we are using this method to improve on the skills he already has. His sit, down, paw, beg, and stay are improving.  I'd recommend Jenna to anyone with a new dog, but I'd also recommend her to a seasoned dog owner. Having worked in the industry for a good deal of time, I've been impressed with how much knowledge I've gained for Jenna, and it's addicting! She completely opened my eyes to mental stimulation,which i was totally clueless to before. The best money you will spend is on toys that engage your dog to problem solve. My dog loves them! Jenna has a way of speaking that makes any subject matter regarding our animals behavior relatable. Thanks for training this human Jenna, who in turn, now can train my dog more efficiently!


Michael, Luis & Arezzo

We (Luis and I) met Jenna at Hound About Town and after a brief conversation decided to hire her to train our boy.  At the time he was a 5 month old Lagotto Ramagnolo.  I have to say I was a bit skeptical about her positive based training methods.  In the past (previous dogs) I have used the rolled up newspaper approach.  Shame on me.  Arezzo took to her like an old best friend.  They had an immediate bond.  Having a puppy can be a daunting task.  At first training felt like a chore.  Well.  Jenna is amazing.  Arezzo (our boys name) and I love our frequent time together training.  Jenna has made it a game.  One that he always wins while doing what we want. So it's a win win.  He gets exhausted using his brain and that keeps him from getting into trouble. I would like to say it is my smart dog or us.  It's NOT!!! It's Jenna's amazing skills training us to train him.